Privacy Policy



Business ID:1254600-0

Address: Pellikanpa 1A4

90240 Oulu/Finland


tel: + 358-40-73 75 304

We collect personal information for customer relationship management purposes.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data is the agreement between us and the customer and the resulting legal obligations. The provision of personal data is a precondition for the conclusion of a contract. In other words, you cannot order goods from our online store if we do not have your personal information.

We do not make profiling or automatic decisions about you.

Your personal information is received by:

  • our company and its employees
  • the payment intermediary who receives the payment from you
  • the shipping company that transports the goods to you
  • an accounting firm that records the order in our books
  • an auditor who audits our accounts
  • An IT company that maintains our website
  • A company that provides analytics services.

      Edumewell does not sell or transfer personal information provided to us to other unnamed parties.

      We store your personal information:

      • online store for three months
      • sähköpostiarkistosssa a half years,
      • in the accounting records for the time required by the taxpayer.

      You have the following rights:

      • the right to inspect personal data about you
      • the right to rectify the data
      • the right to restrict processing (for example, you can ban marketing)
      • the right to object to the processing
      • the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority

      Please note that you only have the"right to be forgotten"if we have no legal obligation to continue processing your personal information.

      We are constantly evolving our service, therefore the terms mentioned above are subject to change.